Bobbi and Dianne: A Special Team

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CH. Malagold's Whisper The Wind

There are those dogs - the ones that have that "something". The bond between you is there before you even know it exists.

Dianne knew that Bobbi would be the one. She just knew. And Dianne felt blessed from the time her Bobbi came home.

Bobbi was everything that Dianne had wanted in a Golden and in a friend - loving and gentle, smart and inquisitive. Bobbi also carried on the "show" tradition that Dianne was looking for - not letting her brothers and sisters one up her at any step. Stormy and Bo started the championship run, Charlie and Adi followed suit, and Bobbi wasted no time in becoming Asti's fifth champion - out of the wonderful breeding to CH. Daystar's Tornado Warning.

Even as a veteran, Bobbi continued in her winning ways - bringing home the first place ribbons from the Veteran Sweepstakes Class at the GRCA Western Regional Specialty in 2004. Still in the thick of competition at almost eleven years of age, Bobbi continued to show everyone that special spark that Dianne had seen from that very first day.

Sadly, Dianne lost her very special friend on May 21st, 2005, with Bobbi just shy of twelve wonderful years. No matter how long we are blessed with the presence of these special companions, the time is always too short.

Bobbi - a real class act through and through - in the Veteran's Class at the
Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty, October, 2004/

Many Goldens will come in and out of our lives, with each one nestling into our souls in their own way. But there will always be the ones - like Bobbi - that will leave that indelible mark on our hearts.

And we thank them and will always love them. Just as Dianne does her Bobbi.



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