Malagold Dogs and their Wonderful Families

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The Malagold Family Golden Retriever

At Malagold, we are certainly proud of all the titles and honors that have been earned by the many exhibited and working Malagold Golden Retrievers.

But we are even more proud of wonderful Malagold Goldens that are loved by their families every single day. Below are a few of the photos that various Golden families have shared with us. We appreciate the family pet, the service dog, the companion, the babysitter - the Golden that excitedly greets their favorite person at the door even when they are only separated long enough to get the mail. We thank you all for being part of the Malagold family. This is truly what a Golden Retriever should be!


Best friends!
Gwenyth and her best puppy pal, Addie


Better than Cable TV!!

Malagold's Rally To The Flag spends her time relaxing in front of her fish tank. Rally prefers to make her own selection of fish, so rides along to the local pet store to view the multiple varieties of fish available and then make her selection. Rally is currently studying marine biology at her local community college!


Fly the "dog" friendly skies!!

Malagold's Zinfandel and her "mom" get ready to head off on another exotic adventure - this time a vacation in Northern Michigan! Zin is a real cosmopolitan kind of girl, who loves travel - whether it be car, boat or airplane - with her favorite destination being the beach!


Gardening? Can you truly call it that?

Landscape artists? From the sunny beaches of the California coast (Hooch - left) to the wooded lake shores of New York state (Finn - right), these two Malagold boys have what it takes to get the gardening job done! Hooch has just earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate (CGC) and Finn is in training for tracking and official EMT Search and Rescue. But both boys are already certified Canine Dirt Diggers (CDD) and masters at their craft!

Puppies in training for their "CDD" certifications.
This is Lily the Golden, Geordi the Sammy and Baby the Berner,
mud puppies times three!


Girls and Their Malagold Boys...

Haley and "Bentley"

There is just something about Little Girls and their dogs! How they adore them - hugs, cuddles, snuggles and kisses. And as they grow older, the bond becomes deeper. There is little that can match the love of a girl and her Malagold baby boy!

Tess and "Clyde"


California Dreamin' - A Dog's Life in L.A.

This is the life for Bentley (Malagold's What Was I Thinking). Playing with the kids at the jungle gym, swimming in the backyard pool, bounding through the snow in the mountains, or frolicking in the waves at the ocean beach - no matter the day, no matter the activity, it will require a good solid nap to get it all done. Such is the life of this California Dude!


A Golden Autumn!!

Malagold's Aspen Autumn Gold has certainly found that pot of "autumn gold" at the end of her Golden puppy rainbow - and what a beautiful combination of Golden color is seen during Aspen's vacation with her friend and traveling companion, Taylor. They had a wonderful time at the family cabin in Northern Wisconsin. Aspen enjoyed the leaves of the trees and the tall grasses to play in, but was more thoroughly thrilled at the swims in the lake, despite the chill of the mornings! A Golden Retriever puppy and a lake? It is a natural combination!


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