Allie's Second Fun-Filled week!

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Sunday - June 22nd - and Allie turns one week old!

Happy Birthday, Allie!

Allie - resting up after her big "One Week" Birthday Party!
Seems her friends are exausted as well.

June 23rd is a day of rest. All this growing is tough and takes its toll on our little girl. But she has her friends to give her a lot of support and encouragement. That means a lot!

June 24th and Allie made it "over the hill" - and that is as far as she ventured out today. That seemed to take a lot out of her, so she rested for the remainder of the day....

Thursday, June 26th - Can she do it?

WOW - She really can!!
Allie takes here first tenuous steps.

Allie is really getting to be a big girl and
is a proud member of the Scooby Gang!
Pretty soon she is going to be bigger than her Scooby Pal.

Allie is starting a new career - singing for her supper at least. At 12 days old, she is letting everyone know that she is here and she is HUNGRY!

Allie is finished with her meal and definitely needs a nap. That eating thing takes a lot out of her - it is a LOT of work when you cannot see and have to search for your meals!

A Saturday night spent with Mama!

But Mama sleeps while Allie partakes of her evening meal.
It is all too much and Allie crashes!



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