Week Three - The Beginning of the Adventure!

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Sunday - June 29th - It is Allie's TWO week birthday!

And she sleeps through the party!

Allie - sleeping with her Beanie Baby Puppy after her birthday feast!

June 30th. And she does it! Allie meanders around her little play area - meeting and greeting her friends - and wondering the whole time - Will they ever get up??

C'mon - let's play! Allie is up and about - a busy little girl. There is no stopping her now that she is mobile!

Allie is still trying to coerce these guys in to a game of chase - but to no avail.

So she just gives up and decides to join in on the nap session. This walking thing is tough, so she will just rest up for a while.

On Wednesday, July 2nd, Flag is trying to figure out if Allie, at only 17 days old, can wiggle ANY faster!.

Allie is tired out with all that wiggling and walking and barking and growling - and is just starting to nod off to dreamland. She can hardly wait for the next day and her adventures with her new friend Flag!

Allie is going to save the world from the big old mean slippers! Crushing the first bad slipper, Allie is grrr'ing at the second nasty slipper, letting it know that she is the boss of ALL the slippers! And Allie is trying with all her 19 day old might to swing that slipper all over the floor - but to no avail!

Born on the Fourth of July, Allie says "Happy Birthday!" to Uncle Flaggy!!

Another Saturday night and Allie recouperates after a long and tiring week -
birthday parties for Uncle Flag, patriotic celebrations and saving the world from the killer slippers!
That certainly is a lot of work for a little girl getting ready to turn three weeks old!
She really needs to rest up for the next day of adventures....




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