Week Four - The Little Explorer!

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Sunday - July 6th - It is Allie's THREE week birthday!

As usual, she naps the afternoon away...

Sundays are for resting and she knows this very well.

Allie, the cuddle puppy, just loves her squishy puppy pal.

Monday, July 7th, and Allie wants to know - What IS this stuff? Her first real meal and she is trying to decide if it is worth all of the effort...

Guess it is not all that bad! Allie has decided to clean up this dish of Gerber Baby Rice Cereal and puppy formula. Yum!

Allie is telling her Uncle Flaggy how much she LOVES him. They have so much fun playing together...

...although he would prefer it if she would refrain from standing on his face!

On Wednesday, July 9th - Allie saves her family from the attack of the killer frogs! Allie is out to save us all from the mean old frogs - and she does this every few hours to remind the frog who is in charge at her house!

And Allie is victorious! She flips that old frog right on his big frog head! Take THAT you dumb frog!
No one messes with Malagold's Tornado Allie!

Allie is visited by her friends Anna and Lucas. Allie is helping Lucas learn how to hold on to a squirming little puppy! This takes some study! But Anna has this puppy thing down and is having a nice conversation with Allie. They all had an exciting afternoon!

Totally zonked out after her afternoon adventure - Allie rests with her Puppy Pal.

It is July 12th - a Saturday night for Allie which means that she has to conquer Mr. Booda and his sock.
They had better remain still because she is watching for movement of ANY kind.
The invasion of all these alien squishy things keeps her on her toes - at least when she is not napping!




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