Week Five - A Busy Time!

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Sunday - July 13th - Allie turns FOUR weeks old today!

And at least she is consistent - starting off the week well rested...

Allie, settled in for the evening!

It is Monday, July14th, and Allie is sharing her secret plans with Uncle Flaggy. What is she really up to?
What fiendish plot is she going to foil this week?
We will have to wait and see....

But - we don't have to wait too long! It is Allie to the rescue!! Saving her Uncle Flaggy from those pesky amphibians!
Way to go, SuperAllie!

Allie has yet to out maneuver the feisty cotton Sock-Man! He is a bit slippery, that one is.
But Allie is determined and one day she will get the better of Sock-Man!

When she turns six weeks old, watch out!

Seems that Allie has Sock-Man and Frog under control for the moment
and she can now concentrate on some serious play time.


Allie spends a quality Saturday afternoon, July 19th, with her best friend, Donna.
On the day Allie was born, Donna held Allie to keep her safe and warm on the trip
home from the puppy hospital. They will always have a special bond.

And I am sure that Allie will always protect Donna from those mean old
Frogs and the scary Sock-Man! That is what puppy friends do!



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