Week Six - Visiting!

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Sunday - July 20th - and Allie turns FIVE weeks old!

Allie is eating her special birthday treat - kibble and cottage cheese!
She is into eating heathy! Cottage cheese and yogert.
She especially loves fruit yogert, with raspberry being a real fave!

Relaxing after her Sunday meal...

This is a challenge that Allie is up to - can she get this ball in her mouth? She has seen Uncle Flaggy carry this one around, but she just cannot get a grip on it!

It is Saturday, July 26th and Allie has her six week check up at the Woodstock Veterinary Clinic, in Woodstock, Illinois. She visits with a few of the Vet Techs before she gets a check up from one of her favorite people - Dr. Charles Carmichael. Allie thinks that Dr. C. is such a pushover for a pretty face that she turns on the Golden Charm and passes her checkup with flying colors! Although he could have warmed up that stethoscope a bit - geeze, it is a bit chillly! Who knew?




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