Week Seven - Visiting with the Family!

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Sunday - July 27th - and Allie turns SIX weeks old and what does she do?


Must be too much Saturday night partying that creates the need for all these Sunday naps....

At only nine years old, Aubrey is an old pro at handling puppies, so Allie is no problem for her as
they patiently wait their turn during a visit to the vet clinic on July 29th.

Allie has her first encounter with her future obedience instructor, Jeannette Everett. Jeannette raises Boxers, but also works very hard in Boxer breed rescue, having founded Boxer Rebound in 1984. Every September, the Everett's hold the "Boxer Bash" and Jeannette lets Allie's "people mom" bring the only non-Boxer dog to the Bash.
This year, Allie's mom, Taylor, will be having all the fun at the Bash! But next year Allie will be able to participate!

This is Dr. Dan Lendman, at the Woodstock clinic. He took such great care of Allie's mom, Taylor, and made sure that Allie would come into this world nice and healthy!
We all think that he did a GREAT job!

On July 29th, Allie has her first meeting with her Great Uncle Charlie! Charlie is a titled champion and also has his Therapy Dog certification. Allie could learn a lot from her Uncle Charlie, so she will be spending a lot of time with him as she grows up.

Allie gets acquainted with Charlie's family - Karl Olsson and Molly, a Stormy daughter. Allie has a lot of new experiences today! She will probably need a nap after all of this!

On Saturday, August 2nd, Allie has her choice of reading material and selects Marcia Schlehr's "Blue Book" -
the Golden Retriever Bible.
What a good girl Allie is - getting her studies in....

Allie has chosen to compare the revised edition of the Golden Retriever Study to the previous one. She has to make sure that she gets this Golden Retriever breed standard thing down pat....

These Saturday nights sure tire out little babies....

...and Allie finally crashes. It has been a long day and a busy week for out little sweetie!



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