The Beauty of the Fall Colors at Malagold!

The fall colors of Connie's favorite tree!!


Connie Gerstner Miller began Malagold Kennels in DeForest, Wisconsin, in 1964, with a breeding program that encompassed both the sporting breed of the Golden Retriever and the spirited working breed, the Alaskan Malamute - hence the formation of the Malagold moniker!

The beautiful Bootes

Eventually, concentration on the breeding of quality Golden Retrievers became the primary drive for Malagold, which has continued through the current tenure at Malagold. A true family of Golden Retrievers exists at Malagold due to the focused effort in breeding a consistently high quality dog that properly conforms to the long-established standard of the breed.

Geri and Connie with Corey and his kids

In the early 1970's, Connie applied for and was approved as a licensed All-Breed Professional Handler, which lead to her current interest as a licensed AKC judge for the entire Sporting Group.

A very important part of Malagold focuses on the work that Connie did with her daughter, Geri Gerstner Hart, a top Junior Handler and currently licensed by the AKC to judge Junior Showmanship competition.

The Kennel Review nomination, in 1987, of Best Female Professional Handler of the Year to Connie and Best New Professional Handler of the Year to Geri, was a significant accomplishment for the mother/daughter team. Connie and Geri worked together to build Malagold into a highly respected line of Golden Retrievers, with a foray into Schipperkes and English Cocker Spaniels not to be discounted. In addition to the Goldens, you will always find a Schipperke playing in Geri's back yard.

Connie and a Malagold baby - it's Demi at 12 weeks!!

Since Connie's passing in 2021, the Golden Malagold torch has been passed to Melissa. Geri, wth her priceless knowledge and experience, remains involved.

Malagold as it is today would not be possible if it were not for the continued support of the wonderful families that bring our dogs into their homes. Maintaining a healthy, beautiful, and loving family companion is of utmost importance in the breeding program at Malagold.

We hope as you view our dogs via the website, you will see the pride in all we have accomplished throughout our long history at Malagold and our wish for the future generations of "what a Golden Retriever should be"!

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