Rikki and Brix

We are very excited to announce that
Rikki and Brix are expecting in December 2023!
Call for placements will be made when puppies are over 3 weeks old.

Rikki and Brix

See more photos and pedigree

The reservation list will likely cover all litters this year; however, for information on future litters,
please contact Melissa Davis Tripp via email at

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Puppy Deposit Form

Current Puppy Reservations List

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To Reserve a Malagold Puppy

Malagold puppies are available on a reservation basis only. The best thing to do is contact Melissa directly (via email at MalagoldGR@yahoo.com) and discuss with her your interest in one of our special babies. If you decide that a Malagold puppy is a good fit for you, you can then request that your name be added to the reservations list.

Sometimes, the list can get pretty long, so even if there is no litter currently listed on the website, you may want to contact Melissa - it could be just the right time to get your name added to the list!


The Malagold Future

A good breeder must keep in mind the long term picture of the breed, not just the particular breeding being considered at the time. Always think ahead to the future – and at Malagold, we always ask this question - Will what we do today have a positive impact on this breed tomorrow?

Flag (Trader x Echo) at five months old
- already a charmer!

If you keep an eye on the future, you will find that you can have it all - a champion show dog, an obedience titleist, a working therapy dog and a wonderful family companion. All in one!

Not always looking for a puppy? On very rare occassions we have older dogs that we will place into a new family. This does not happen too often. But - every once in a while a lucky family can be blessed with that perfectly wonderful dog.

If you are interested in additional information on how to make a Malagold Golden Retriever a member of your family, contact us at Malagold.

In the meantime, take a look at the future of the Malagold family of dogs!

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Flag almost grown up? At 11 months old, I don\'t think so -
but he is still a charmer!

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Justin, The Croc Hunter! Our Coriander baby boy playing with his favorite "toy" - his "Crocs"!

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Malagold had one very special little girl, born June 15th, 2003, whose life has been documented on film from the time of her arrival. Check out Allie\'s Puppy Journal and view the antics of one scampy Golden Retriever puppy - her first eight weeks of puppyhood will tire you out!

There is an ALLIE UPDATE - her first year in pictures. See how she has grown!

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Puppy Reservations List

We are often asked: "Where am I on the puppy reservations list?"

Below find the current puppy reservations list, in order.
If you have any questions, please email us!

1. L. Winek

7. L. Maloney

2. W./M. Braeger

8. P. Edelheit

3. A. Redmond

9. .C./S. Suppes
4. G. Shogar 10 J. Glick
5. S. Gustin 11. Power
6. J. Jaffe  

Calls will be made when puppies are three weeks old, with offers, in order of reservation.
Note that often people on the list will "pass" due to timing, and even though you may be lower on the list,
there is always a possibility that you may be called.

Reservation holders are given 72 hours to return a call,
so that the people next on the list have adequate time to prepare for their puppy, if offered.

Also, see our Facebook page for updates!

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