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If you have any comments or questions regarding Malagold Kennels, dogs currently seen in the show ring, or upcoming litters, feel free to contact us!

We will proudly post accomplishments of your Malagold dog to the Recent Events page - just forward the information to us - yes, include your candid photos, too!

An afternoon of play - with family, friends and the Golden gang!


Please Note: NEW Contact Information for Malagold
at the bottom of this Contact Us page and on the Malagold Home page!


Best way to get through to Malagold is by phone or email.
All the current contact information is below!

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Connie Gerstner Miller
Geri Gerstner Hart
Melissa Davis Tripp, DVM

8843 West 'R' Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
email: MalagoldGR@yahoo.com



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