BISS CH. Highmark Malagold's By Jiminy!
(BIS BISS CH. Malagold Storm Warning OS, SDHF x CH. Highmark's Belle Star)

By Jiminy! It's Cricket! Finishing as quickly as one-two-three and already starting out on a spectacular Specials career with a Best of Breed win at the Golden Retriever Club of Illinois specialty, this Stormy daughter is making tracks of her own, not just following in the footsteps of her famous dad!

Cricket is - um, how do we say it - GORGEOUS! We are so proud of her. Look at that topline! And when she goes around the ring - WOW! - she commands attention. She moves like a dream, shows like a charm and has the brains to go with her beauty!

When we wished upon a star that night, Cricket is exactly what we were asking for.

CH. Highmark Malagold's By Jiminy! BIS BISS Am. Can. CH. Malagold Storm Warning OS, SDHF CH. Daystar's Tornado Warning OS, SDHF Am. Can. CH. Trowsnest Whirlwind UD, WC, Can CDX, WC, (Am./Can. OS)
Am. Can. CH. Gosling Daystar's Dawn CDX, WCX, VC, OD, Can. CD
CH. Malagold Asti Spumante OD CH. Famous Of Classic CD
CH. Libra Malagold Clover OD
CH. Highmark’s Belle Star Amberac Letz Make A Deal OS CH. Aylwyn's Friendly Persuasion
CH. Amberac's Goin' Topsy-Turvy OD
Highmark Halley’s Comet OD CH. Malagold Class Of Eighty-Five CD
Broadlawn's Morning Star CDX
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