CH. Happy Hour Malagold Strip Tease
(CH. Malagold Stars-N-Stripes OS, SDHF x CH. Highmark Weather Or Naught)

Born May 19, 2003, Demi is the household tease and a real stunner!! And she knows it!

This is one the judges will not be able to take their eyes away from! She is solid on movement with a superb front and rear assembly. She has wonderful shoulder layback and a beautiful, level topline.

Pretty describes Demi - from the tip of her nose to the end of that wagging tail.

Demi - always smiling!
CH. Happy Hour Malagold Strip Tease CH. Malagold Stars-N-Stripes OS, SDHF

Amberac Letz Make-A-Deal OS

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CH. Amberac's Goin' Topsy-Turvy OD

CH. Malagold Crimson And Clover

CH. Synergold Galyarde Classic OS

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CH. Highmark Weather Or Naught BIS BISS Am. Can. CH. Malagold Storm Warning OS, SDHF CH. Daystar's Tornado Warning OS, SDHF
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CH Malagold Class Of Eighty-Five CD

Broadlawn's Morning Star CDX

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