UKC CH/AKC CT CH. Malagold's Patriot, BN, CGC
(Malagold's Raise The Flag x Malagold's Cricket Two)

Malagold's Patriot competed at the Pecatonica Tracking Club in Loves Park, Illinois, on December 7th, 2008, to earn his Tracking Dog title at less than one year of age!

With the average temperature hovering at around seven degrees above zero, Mr. Pat and his owner/handler, Pam German, ran the track in under five minutes. Even with a deer running across his path, Mr. Pat did not miss a step!!

Fve months later, in May of 2009, Mr. Pat and Pam were participating in the Tracking Dog Excellent test at Rock Cut State Park, in Love's Park, Illinois.

The TDX fields consist of variable terrains with tall to medium grasses and weeds. There is a small creek, bushes, heavy brushy areas along with light woods, open fields with rolling hills, dirt/gravel/asphalt park roads, tree/fence lines, and areas of short mowed grass…all of which may be used as obstacles. And all were certainly used on this day!!

Again, Mr. Pat and Pam ran the TDX track flawlessly on his first try - in under seventeen minutes. Even with ANOTHER deer running across his track, Mr. Pat did not make a single mistake.

Mr. Pat, a full littermate to Miss Wish (UKC/AKC CH. Malagold's Wish Upon A Star), then took a break from the tracking world to enter the conformation ring, earning his Championship title in June of 2013 with a Sporting group 4th placement! And just for fun, Mr. Pat competed in the obedience ring, earning his Beginner Novice title, as well.

After his foray into the show and obedience rings, Mr. Pat returned to the fields for additional tracking work. Mr. Pat and his owner, Pam German, earned a CHAMPION TRACKER title on Sunday, October 12th, in Delavan, Wisconsin, where Mr. Pat absolutely nailed his final tracking test, the VST or Variable Surface Tracking test. This win gave Mr. Pat his Champion Tracking title and the first Show Champion and Tracking Champion of record for Malagold!!

Mr. Pat - A New Champion Tracker!! (10-12-2014)

This is an amazing feat by Mr. Pat and Pam, who completed the 769 yard VST track in under 20 minutes. According to the AKC, "A Champion Tracker (CT) is awarded only to those dogs that have earned titles at all three tracking levels – TD or TDU, TDX and VST. If a dog is awarded the CT title, he is among the elite of those active in tracking."

Mr. Pat is now officially UKC CH/AKC CT CH. Malagold's Patriot, BN, CGC!!

Mr. Pat is a special boy that can do it all - and is truly representative of "What a Golden Retriever should be!"

UKC CH/AKC CT CH. Malagold's Patriot BN, CGC

Malagold's Raise The Flag (ptd)

CH. Malagold's Trade Secret

CH. Rising Star My Guy

Malagold's Victoria's Secret

CH. Hunts Echo Of Malagold

BIS BISS Am. Can. CH. Malagold Storm Warning OS, SDHF

Hunts Nancy

Malagold's Cricket Two (major ptd)

BISS CH. Malagold's Take A Stand

Am. Can. CH. Ocoee Caerfilly Chosen

Malagold Fairy Tale

BISS CH. Highmark Malagold By Jiminy!

BIS BISS Am. Can. CH. Malagold Storm Warning OS, SDHF

CH. Highmark's Belle Star

Mr. Pat and Connie taking the Breed win at Park Shore Kennel Club in Chicago - February, 2012

~ ~ ~ ~

Mr. Pat completing his TDX title with owner/handler Pam German - May, 2009

~ ~ ~ ~

Mr. Pat and Geri, earning 2 points at the Chain O''Lakes show on Jan, 28, 2011 - YAY!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Pam German and Champion Tracker Mr. Pat!! (10-12-2014)

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