A flashback!
Springtime, 2003, the grandkids and their favorite Golden pal, Cheers!


A "Grand" Litter has arrived!!

A spring litter was born at Malagold! Our major-pointed Schemer (Malagold Grand Scheme) has been bred to Whisper (Malagold's Ghost Whisper) and puppies arrived on April 19th, 4 boys and 4 girls!

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Please phone Connie at 269-375-8846 to discuss puppy reservation options.


Schemer and Geri in the Ribbons in Indiana!!

The Malagold Gang spent Easter Weekend in Indiana, and Schemer and Geri were the big winners each day! On Saturday, Schemer (Malagold Grand Scheme) goes Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed, with Geri guiding the way from the Bred By Exhibitor Dog class! Rose (Malagold's Tequila Rose) wins the Puppy class and Smoochie (Malagold's Sealed With A Kiss) wins the Bred By Exhibitor Bitch class, but it is little baby Rose that earns the point! Schemer and Geri go on to earn a Group 4 rosette in the Sporting Group on Saturday!

And it is a repeat of the class wins on Sunday, with both Schemer and Rose taking the points and Schemer winning the Best of Breed ribbon, going on to a Sporting Group 2!

What a fun weekend for the Malagold kids!


Great Wins in Indiana!!

Took a drive to Auburn, Indiana, for the Logansport KC show on Sunday, March 09, 2014, and had a great day! Schemer (Malagold Grand Scheme) takes Reserve Winners Dog, while the girls strut their stuff, with Summer (Malagold's Summer Rain) winning her Puppy 9-12 Month class, and Smoochie (Malagold's Sealed With A Kiss) earns the Winners Bitch honors after winning the American Bred class! Ray (CH. Malagold Tanqueray) takes the Best of Breed honors and goes on to earn a Sporting Group 3 rosette!! It was a fun day for the Malagold kids!


It's "Triple" the Wins for Schemer!!

It was three days of shows in Fort Wayne, Indiana, this frst weekend of November, and Schemer (Malagold Grand Scheme) takes Winners Dog each day for three more points towards his Championship title! Pystol (Malagold's She's A Wild One) earns the Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex ribbons on Saturday and Sunday, with Ray (CH. Malagold Tanqueray) taking the Best of Breed honors on Sunday!


A "Grand" Weekend!!

This was a busy show weekend with so much to report! Pystol (Malagold's She's A Wild One) makes a day trip to Ohio, returing with the Winners Bitch and Best of Winners ribbons from the Mad River Valley Kennel Club, while Geri and Connie meet in Illinois for weekend of shows, where Geri wins the Winners Bitch ribbons on Saturday with Smoochie (Malagold's Sealed With A Kiss) and Connie puts the last point on Dreamer (Malagold's Chasing A Dream) to complete her Championship title on Sunday!

It is certainly a great weekend for the Malagold Girls, but Geri and Schemer (Malagold Grand Scheme) show everyone what the boys can do and take back to back Ribbons for Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed wins over the weekend! The team continues their winning ways by earning the Bred By Exhibitor Best of Breed ribbon, going on to win the Bred By Exhibitor Sporting Group and top it all by taking Bred By Exhibitor Best in Show!!

Geri and Schemer - Bred By Exhibitor Best in Show win!

Not to be overlooked is Chunk (Malagold Thick As A Brick) - a Schipperke puppy bred and owned by Geri, who won the Breed on Saturday. It was his first time competing in the Breed class since earning his Championship title over the summer. Great job for the little guy!!

It was certainly a GRAND weekend for the Malagold family!!


Big "Dreams" Come True!!

After winning the Bred By Exhibitor Class, Dreamer (Malagod's Chasing A Dream) goes on to earn rosettes for Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a 4 point major win at the Michigan Sporting Dog Specialty show on Friday, July 5, 2013, in Ann Arbor!!

Connie and Dreamer - the Dream Team!

The very next day, Dreamer goes Winners Bitch yet again for another 4 point major win!!

Dreams can come true at Malagold!


Geri and Mr. Pat Earn That "CH" Title in a BIG WAY!

Happy Father's Day to Our Big Flag, as his son, Mr. Pat (Malagold's Patriot, TDX) and Geri Gerstner Hart had a GREAT day in Grayslake, Illinois, at Little Fort Kennel Club of Waukegan. With a Supported Entry from the Golden Retriever Club of Illinois, Mr. Pat and Geri go Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed over a good number of Specials! Then Team Pat goes on to compete in the Sporting Group and comes out with a Group 4 placement!

Mr. Pat and Geri, winning Best of Breed!! What a great team!
(Photo courtesy of Dale Joachim)

What a great way to finish that Championship!!


Rally 'Round The Malagold Title Holders!!

"Sunshine" - The First AKC Titled Therapy Dog for Malagold!!
"Stoney" and "Sunshine"
- The Latest Rally Competitors!!
"Hemi" - Now officially fast!
"Winnie" - Adds "excellent" to the TD title!
"Winnie" - is a H.I.T with a score of 199.5/200!

Malagold's Country Sunshine, RAE, ThD added the new AKC Therapy Dog title to her resume in July of 2011. What an honor for the Malagold Family to have Sunshine be the first in the family to have earned such a working title! She is a certified Therapy Dog and along with her owner, Deb Caukin, makes numerous visits to hospitals, retirement establishments and rehabilitation centers just to brighten someone's day. Sunshine and Deb - a very special team and the ThD is a well deserved honor.

Malagold's Country Sunshine, RAE, ThD added the Rally Advanced Excellent title to her name on April 02, 2010, by completing the final leg of an extended series of Rally Trials in both the Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent competitions. Congrats to Deb Caukin and Sunshine!

UKC and AKC CH. Malagold's Stone Sour RE, OA, AXJ, CGC - Stoney has added the Rally Excellent title to his ever increasing list of accomplishments! This is one very busy boy! Congratulations to Stoney and Melissa Davis!

Malagold's Fast Cars 'N Freedom RE, OA, OAJ, NF - Hemi adds the Novice Fast agility title to her resume! What a versatile girl she is! Congratulations to Melissa Davis and her great girl, Hemi.

Malagold's Winter Storm Fairy, TDX added the Excellent to her Tracking Dog title on October 10, 2010, by completing the arduous Tracking Dog Excellent test in Vermont.

Malagold's Winter Storm Fairy, CD,TDX added the Companion Dog title on April 11, 2012 , with two first place and one second place finishes in competition with an average score of 196 out of 200 possible points, with a High In Trial honor included! This was achieved by earning a score of 199.5 points!! Practically perfection! Congratulations to Kathleen Goodman and Winnie!

Check out the accomplishments and photos of the newest title holders on the recent events page!

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At Malagold, we are certainly proud of all the titles and honors that have been earned by the many exhibited and working Malagold Golden Retrievers. Make sure to keep up with all the activities on our recent events page!


The Malagold Extended Family!

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This is Kleara relaxing at the "Mud Pack Puppy Day Spa" in upstate New York.
Isn't she pretty? She works very hard to keep herself looking this good!

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