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It is wonderful to hear all the stories from families that have been adored by a Malagold dog (or two)! Thank you so much for sharing with us the joy that each and every one of you has experienced with that favored member of the family. We cannot ask for anything better than for our puppies to become loved and loving members of your families.

Our hearts go out to to all those who have lost a loving and treasured member of the family. But we are very much gratified in knowing that these and many other Malagold Goldens have lived long, healthy and extremely happy lives with families who loved them so. Knowing that these dogs and others have had so much joy through twelve, fourteen or even sixteen glorious years is exactly what we enjoy hearing.  Although - we all wish there could be sixteen more years to spend with each and every one...

Take a stroll down "Malagold Memory Lane" with some, or accompany others on their current journey. Either path will be enlightening...


The "Rev and Rosie" Litter
Born - January 9, 2017

Meet the puppies and their new families!


Fun Family Fotos -

Candid pictures of Malagold family dogs
at home, at play, and loving life!

CH. Malagold's Whisper The Wind
Bobbi - (b. 07-24-1993, d. 5-21-2005)
Malagold Solar Energy
Ernie - (b. 6-30-1989, d. 5-19-2003)
CH. Honeybee's Swarm Warning
Buzz - (b. 9-21-1994, )
Malagold Heidi of Daneshire
Heidi - (b. 8-14-1990, d. 9-1-2006)
Jackpot Decoy of Malagold and James
AJ - (b. 11-15-1987, d. 2-5-1997)

The Extended Malagold Family - Page 1

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