Ernie - The Old Soul

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Karl and Perle Olsson were the lucky recipients of the most wonderful puppy. Bright beyond his 9 weeks, Ernie brought a wonderful sense of youthfulness to their 9 year old Chant daughter, Missy. Missy desperately needed a companion and Ernie was the perfect little buddy. Ernie always kept Missy busy, bringing her the various balls and toys from the toy box, but he also took her on walks with him through the 2 acre restored prairie, where the two romped and played and lived.

Ernie could often be found helping Perle with the planting, bringing her supplies - gloves (always two!), kneeling pads, hand tools and sometimes even a plant or two! Every morning, Ernie accompanied Perle when she filled the bird feeders and placed the fruit out for the animals.

Ernie also led the walks along the prairie paths, specifically enjoying a stop for a treat under the apple trees! As Ernie aged, he could be found relaxing with Perle and the other Golden family members, Charlie and Maile, on the hill off the prairie path, watching the birds and enjoying the outdoors. Malagold Solar Energy was the perfect name for a dog so surrounded by nature!

We know that Karl and Perle terribly miss their little Ernster. Their home is just not the same, but it will always be filled with the most wonderful memories of a unique and very special dog.

Ernie relaxing at home - March 16th, 2003



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