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At Malagold, we are very selective in the breedings that we do - with both our dogs and our bitches. With this in mind, it is vital to ensure that Golden Retriever breedings at Malagold envelope all the wonderful qualities of our breed - correctness to the standard, sweetness of soul, and healthy of body and mind. it is the primary responsibility of a breeder to thoroughly research and review all potential breedings in order to maintain the integrity of the wonderful Golden Retriever breed.

It is not only important to make sure that all health clearances are obtained and maintained, but equally important to know and understand the pedigree - and the combination of pedigrees between a sire and dam must be complimentary and appropriate in order to continue to produce the best Golden Retriever puppy for the future of our breed.

What we breed today will lead us to our future, and at Malagold, we always ask this question - Will what we do today have a positive impact on this breed tomorrow? We hope that the answer remains yes!


The following dogs are available at stud on a limited basis to approved bitches only. Please contact Connie directly via telephone (269-375-8846) if you are interested in a breeding. Also make sure to have all appropriate health clearances, including hip, eye and heart clearances, and at least a three generation pedigree of your bitch available.


CH. Malagold Augusta's Genuine Article UD, MH, WCX, VCX, DDHOF
Levi - (b. 03-30-2003)

OFA Hips - Good  GR - 86659G26M-NOPI
OFA Elbows - GR EL11595M26-NOPI
Heart: Cardiologist Clear (report available)
Eyes: Ophthalmologist Clear (report available)

Int'l. Nat'l,. UKC-GRCH and AM/CAN CH. Malagold's Wave To The Flag
Flag Jr - (b. 07-07-2005)

OFA Hips - Excellent - GR-93390E24M-PI
Elbows - GR-EL16274M24-PI
Heart: GR-CA12998/12M/C-PI
Eyes: CERF - GR-33590

CH. Malagold's Straight Up
JR - (b. 04-16-2009)

OFA Hips - Good  GR-103526G25M-VPI
OFA Elbows - GR-EL24629M25-VPI
Heart: Cardiologist Clear (report available)
Eyes: Ophthalmologist Clear (report available)

UKC CH/AKC CT CH. Malagold's Patriot BN, CGC
Mr. Pat - (b. 01-19-2008)

OFA Hips - GR-100258F24M-VPI
OFA Elbows - GR-EL21764M24-VPI
Heart: GR-CA17558/24M/P-VPI
Eyes: CERF - GR-43517

UKC CH./AKC GCH. Malagold Tanqueray
Ray - (b. 08-10-2011)

OFA Hips - GR-109185F24M-VPI
OFA Elbows - GR-EL29654M24-VPI
Heart: Cardiologist Clear (report available)
Eyes: Ophthalmologist Clear (report available)


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