A Day in the Life of Allie - One Special Puppy!

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It was a Sunday. It was Father's Day. June 15th, 2003. One special little puppy decided it was her time to come into this world and there would just be no waiting for her! She needed a little assistance in her arrival, even though she felt that she could tackle the world on her own! So on that Sunday afternoon, at the veterinary clinic, at 4:05 PM, she made her appearance.

And we want you to meet her.

This is Allie. One very special puppy. And as we always say - watch out for these Malagold Girls! So keep your eyes on Allie - Malagold's Tornado Allie. Based on how she started out, this is going to be one wonderful adventure...

Allie - just 16 hours old. Her friend from Australia had only
one comment -Isn't she GORGEOUS?!

This is dad. His name is Twister -
CH. Happy HR Malagold Dust Storm

This is mom. Her name is Taylor -
Malagold's Tellin' Secrets



Allie's second full day and she is awesome - on June 17th, she sleeps contentedly in her continuously new surroundings. Even at this early age, she knows what she wants and makes it known to everyone!


June 18th, only three days old and already Allie has made some new friends to have sleep overs with!

Oh my gosh! This is a little face that makes one's
heart just melt.

Allie is growing like crazy! June 20th, five days old and already a bit bigger than her Beanie Baby friends!

And we find out that she is just a tad selfish, refusing to share a meal with her pals, who call her the
Hungry Hungry Hippo!


This is Allie - just shy of one week old - Saturday, June 21st.

She is always moving, always in a different spot, always cuddling with her friends. She is getting to be a big girl now, but the modesty gene does not seem to be developing in our little girl. She likes to sleep in the same position as her papa - upside down.

Oh - But this is the life!


(Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4 - Week 5 - Week 6 - Week 7 - Week 8 - One Year)

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