One Year - And Still Going Strong!

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Allie is ONE YEAR OLD! She celebrated her birthday by going to the ice cream store for a scoop of vanilla! She has been having fun and hanging out with her pals and playing with her toys - She grew up so quickly - but still has many years ahead of her to learn new things and have wonderful and happy experiences!

Allie at three months of age - just waking up from a nap with her Booda Buddy.
She really does not like to sleep alone!

At four months old, she already knows how to give that look - the one that gets her whatever she wants.
And she wants the sprinkler turned on so she can play! Pretty please?

Play time is always a precursor to the nap time - but at five months, Allie has figured out how to settle
in for some television viewing with her Puppy Pal. And the best place to watch
Animal Planet is from the sofa. And don't forget the pillow.

Could Allie GET any more leaves? At five and a half months old, Allie is proving to be NO help in the garden,
although she has offered to provide digging services at no charge! For Allie - the more dirt, the better.

Allie loves the sofa - almost as much as she loves a good bone to chew on.
At eight months of age, Allie is has graduated to the "big girl" bones!

Allie has not given up her favorite tennis shoe - even though she is almost ten months old!
She still has all of her favorite baby toys - and she loves each and every one of them.

Power play time with Allie's favorite girl...

...leads to serious sleep time for this active pair!

June 15th, 2004
Happy One Year Birthday, Allie!!

Allie has turned one year old and here she is with her wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Lloyd Shaw, at the Woodstock Veterinary Clinic, for her one year check up. And Allie passed with flying colors! She will continue to bide her time, though,watching the dog shows on TV, until she has grown into a big girl - ready to make her own entrance into the show ring!

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