Week Eight - Travels to Michigan!

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Allie is SEVEN weeks old today - Sunday - August 3rd - and starts out her day in the usual fashion - sleeping - and she does it with her usual style and grace!

A great way to begin the week - with a power nap!

After a power nap, it is power play time.....

...but power play time is cause for another nap!

Allie is getting ready for her upcoming trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where she is going to attend a very special educational seminar on the Golden Retriever. She is anxious to pack her toy bag and hit the road, but she finds that packing can be draining! Too much to do and too many choices to make - which toy does she need to take with her? She will sleep on it...

Allie, meets up with her Golden cousins in Michigan on Saturday, August 9th. Can you pick out Godzilla Puppy? Allie is on the left - and in control of the situation.

Allie makes a new friend - Mary Schulz of Cedar Goldens. This is a busy weekend for Allie, but she goes with the flow and finds it rather fun!

On Sunday, August 10th, it is Allie's eight week birthday!
And she celebrates by having breakfast with Gloria Kerr, one of the presenters
at the Golden Retriever Seminar going on this weekend.

Happy Birthday, Allie!!

Allie spends some quality cuddle time with Geri Gerstner Hart, who succumbs to the charm of the little Twister baby!!

Finally back home, in her favorite spot and - of course - Allie needs another nap.

While these last eight weeks have been both exhausting and exhilarating for our little girl, she has come through it all with a wonderful attitude and a typical Golden smile! She is tough, confident and has a genuine independent streak. But she loves her family and is blossoming into a sweet little house dog. Allie is a keeper - absolutely! - and with luck, she will follow the Malagold tradition of a winning show career, while continuing to save the world from those mean, old squishy frogs!

Allie has it all under control...


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