Recent Happenings at Malagold for 2005!

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A Malagold "Salute" to 2005 - and looking on to an exciting 2006!!

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What a wonderful year 2005 had turned out to be for all of our Malagold dogs and their families! A Champion or two added to the list. New puppies to play with and get ready for the show ring.

Keep an eye on this page to see the Malagold "happenings" - the previous Malagold "successes" of 2005 and the upcoming events of 2006!

We enjoy hearing from all of you and will continue to acknowledge all of the varied activities and accomplishments of our extended Malagold family of dogs!

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Ft. Detroit Golen Retriever Club
Hudsonville, MI

Mr. Erik Bergishagen

Demi does it!!! A new champion at Malagold!!

Happy Hour Malagold Strip Tease earns that Championship tiotle by going Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the Ft. Detroit Golden Retriever Specailty!

Demi finishes with three major wins and multiple Best of Breed wins to her credit! What an accomplishment for this very special girl at Malagold.

At Malagold, the girls truly do rule and Demi has the title to prove it!



Pontiac Kennel Club
Davisburg, MI

Mr. Douglas A. Johnson

Happy Hour Malagold Strip Tease. Demi gets another point towards that Championship title and takes on the boyus as well, adding another Best of Breed win to her ever expanding resume!

Demi is back in the groove!



Pontiac Kennel Club
Davisburg, MI

Mr. Richard G. Beauchamp

Malagold's What Was I Thinking. What a name - and what a dog! Bentley takes his first point in his very first show!

And that is how it should be done!



Greater Muskegon Kennel Club
Hudsonville, MI

Mrs. Cherie Berger

Brew does it yet again - hits the road for another Best of Breed win!!

Brew is certainly becoming an old pro already at a young age!



Kishwaukee Kennel Club
Belvidere, IL

Ms. Michael J. Dachel

The heat is on in Belvidere, Illinois! But under scorching temperatures and warm breezes, there is lots of water and an air conditioned RV for the Malagold crew!

CH. Malagold Brewmaster (Brew) walks into the show ring - cool as a cucumber - and knocks it out of the park with a Best fo Breed win! This guy is a real trooper - no matter the weather or show conditions!

But the Malagold girls are not out of the running, as Demi (Happy Hour Malagold Strip Tease) stands up to the challenge and takes the point going Winners Bitch as well. hits

Hot wins for a hot team!


Kishwaukee Kennel Club
Belvidere, IL

Ms. Linda L. Robey

Malagold Cedar's Country Road hits the pavement once again and heads down to the flatlands of Illinois to go Winners Dog for two points - the first points towards that championship title for Denver!!

What a great day for this outstanding puppy!


Ann Arbor Kennel Club
Ann Arbor, MI

Mr. Michael Canalizo

Brew adds another Best of Breed ribbon to his scrapbook!

Already - such a wonderful collection of ribbons for such a youngster! T his handsome boy has a bright future ahead of him...keep an eye on the "Master"...



Vermillion, SD

More "white dog" news - Riker spent the Fourth of July weekend in South Dakota, showing the big dogs that there is a new kid on the block! Riker won back to back 3 point majors - going Winners Dog and Best of Winners both Saturday and Sunday at Sioux Valley Kennel Club shows.

The "Little Admiral" is definitely making his own way!


Kansas City Golden Retriever Club
Lawrence, KS

Ms. Helen Dorrance
Sweepstakes Judge:
Mr. Jeff VanEngelenhoven

CH Malagold's Cracklin' Rosie - Crackle adds to her winning veteran record by earning the first place ribbon from the Veteran 8-10 Years class at the Kansas City Golden Retriever Club Specialty show. Crackle then went on to compete in the Best of Breed class, being awarded a Judges Award of Merit!

It is wonderful to see the Malagold veterans continue to show the youngsters how it SHOULD be done!


Kansas City Golden Retriever Club
Lawrence, KS

Col. Jonathon C. Chase
Sweepstakes Judge:
Mr. Ken Matthews

Malagold Cedar's Country Road traveled to the Kansas City Golden Retriever Club Specialty show and competed in the Puppy Sweepstakes class, earning a second place ribbon from the 12-15 Month Puppy Class. But then Denver stepped it up a bit and walked into the regular class competition and took the blue ribbon from the Puppy 12-18 Month class, competing with 11 other puppy boys! And he was not overlooked for the points - as Denver went Reserve Winners Dog to the five point major! His second major reserve win within the last month!

What nice recognition for this wonderful puppy!


Chicagoland Samoyed Club
Grayslake, IL

Mrs. Cheryl Wagner

Liberties are being taken here, as Laurie's Samoyed puppy, Polar Mist War Admiral, attended his first official dog show. Riker has previously done the Puppy Kindergarten Class and the Fun Match thing - winning his first Working Group there, but this was his first weekend at the shows. Riker went Reserve Winners Dog to a major at his very first dog show and he was only 6 months a a few days old. This was very way cool.

Riker - shown by Nancy Martin

And the very next day at the Chicagoland Samoyed Specialty show, he competed in the Puppy Sweepstakes 6-9 Month class, taking the first place ribbon and going on to win a nice rosette for Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps! He did compete in the regular classes as well, winning the Puppy 6-9 Month class, too.

OK - so he is not a "yellow dog", but he is a pretty cool guy for a dog with a curly tail and pointy ears!


Wheaton Kennel Club
Wheaton, IL

Mrs. Debbie Campbell

Must be kismet or something - as down in Illinois on the same day, the Malagold gang is doing some winning as well -

Brew (CH. Malagold Brewmaster) goes out and wins the Best of Breed ribbon - his first weekend out as a Special. He is certainly on the move! But not too far ahead of Demi (Happy Hour Malagold Strip Tease), who adds another point to the tally towards her Championship title. What a team these two make!

And making a great show of it her first time in the ring was little Sunni - Malagold Country Sunshine - earning a first place ribbon in her class.

What a great way to perk up a weekend!


Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club
Waconia, MN

Mr.Douglas A. Johnson

Neither foul weather, long drives or mud slides can keep the show people and their dogs home - and so Malagold Cedar's Country Road hit the highway for the Minnesota. And it was worth the trip as Denver went Reserve Winnier's Dog to a five point major - showing like a trooper in mud up to his elbows!



Winnegamie Dog Club
Fond du Lac, WI

Mr.Michael J. Dachel


Brew did it - in the ribbons one more time - and this time the win gives him that CHAMPIONSHIP title, as Malagold Brewmaster goes Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex for the three point major! .

Demi (Happy Hour Malagold Strip Tease) did not let that overshadow her. Demi pulled out all the stops and was in there for the ribbons for Winners Bitch and the three point major, making sure to keep Brew company on that Winners podium!

The summer show season is starting out in grand fashion at Malagold!


Northern Flyway Goldne Retriever Club - Central Regional Specialty
Fond du Lac, WI

Mrs. Shirley Stewart-Fippin

A great day at the Central Regional Golden Retriever Specialty - Brew is once again making his presence known to all. Malagold Brewmaster brings home the ribbons and a FIVE POINT MAJOR win by going Winners Dog and Best of Winners!

He truly is the "Master" on this day for Malagold!


Labrador Retriever Club of the Patomac Hunt Test
Cheltenham, MD

Buzz is back at it - doing what he loves to do - retrieving!

CH. Honeybee's Swarm Warning MH, MX, MXJ, WCX, VCX, competing with the youngsters in the Hunt Test at the Labrador Retriever Club of the Patomac on May, 8th, 2005, earned his Master Hunter title! And at almost 11 years of age - what a very special boy he is!

And Buzz will never let a few gray hairs stop him! As far as we know - there is nothing that Buzz cannot do!


Fort St. Clair Kennel Club
Eaton, OH

Mr.Eugene Blake

Brew is back in the ribbons once againe! Malagold Brewmaster heads into Ohio and earns another point by going Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex on this day! After some time off, Brew has not forgotten how to do this whole show thing.

Demi (Happy Hour Malagold Strip Tease) also took a little break and is back with a vengence, earning the ribbons for Reserve Winners Bitch.

Summer show season is right around the corner - these are two Goldens to keep an eye on!


Chesapeake Golden Retriever Club
Bear, DE

Mr.Michael Faulkner
Sweepstakes Judge:
Mrs. Tammy Tomlinson

CH Honeybee's Swarm Warning MH, MX, MXJ, WCX, VCX - is back on the senior show circuit with Dr. Melissa Goodman!

Buzz continues his winning ways even in his veteran years! Buzz truly honored us all by competing in the Veteran Sweepstakes class at the Chesapeake Golden Retriever Club Specilaty show on April 30, 2005 - and earning the rosette for Best Veteran in Sweepstakes under breeder-judge Tammy Tomlinson! Buzz then competed in the Best of Breed competition, winning the Best of Opposite Sex ribbon as well under breeder-judge Michael Faulkner!

It is such a thrill to see the senior Malagold family members out there strutting their stuff!


Fort Detroit Golden Retriever Club
Detroit, MI

Mr.Michael Canalizo

Salute - watch out for this boy! On this day, he wins his Puppy Sweepstakes class and goes on to take Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes honors as well. What a guy! Salute takes the second place ribbon in the regular puppy classes.

Here's to Salute!

All in all - a good day for Malagold Salute To Cheers, as he is in the ribbons once again!


Greater Cincinnati Golden Retriever Club
Sharonville, OH

Dr. Elliot L. More
Sweepstakes Judge:
Ms. Eileen Oshiro

CH Malagold's Cracklin' Rosie - Crackle, the newest of the Veteran competitors, shows that the Malagold "seniors" still have it - winning the first place ribbon from the Veteran 8-10 Years class at the Greater Cincinnati Golden Retriever Club Specialty Show.

All veterans are special, and Crackle continues to honor the long-time Malagold tradition - GIRLS RULE!


International Kennel Club of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Ms. Linda More

Malagold Tupulo Summerblonde- Sidda is the NEW KID on the block - and jumps in with all four feet - landing a solid four-point major win her first time out inthe show world! Sidda wins the first place ribbon from the Open Bitch class and goes on to take the Winners Bitch ribbon for her first points as well.

A big win for a first timer - Sidda is in the ribbons!

These Malagold Girls know how to make an entrance, don't they?


Central Indiana Kennel Club
Indianapolis, IN

Mr. Michael Canalizo

Happy Hour Malagold Strip Tease "streaks" through Indiana to make her presence known - and she does it her way! Demi earned high honors once again by taking not just the Winners Bitch ribbons and the points, but adding to that - the Best of Opposite Sex honors as well.

Demi does it again!

Obviously, Demi does not settle for anything less than having it all - that's our girl...she knows what she wants and goes after it!


Polar Mist Samoyed Kennels
Bend, OR

Mrs. Lynette Blue

Anyone who knows the Malagold Kennel, visits the Malagold website or sends email to Malagold, probably knows Laurie, and knows that besides the Goldens in her life, she has this passion for those "white dogs". One has always been with Laurie and her Golden Family. A new little addition was made to Laurie's family and "Riker" has arrived from Lynette Blue's Polar Mist Samoyed Kennel in Bend, Oregon.

Keep an eye out for updates on Allie's new friend. At only ten weeks of age, Riker has much to learn from his "Golden Mentor" - Malagold's Tornado Allie. But Allie has a big challenge ahead of her - this little guy has spunk!

The new addition to Laurie's family - Polar Mist War Admiral - "Riker" at ten weeks.


Chain O'Lakes Kennel Club
Grayslake, IL

Mr. Doug Johnson

It was a Clean Sweep for the Malagold crew. Malagold Salute To Cheers won the blue ribbon from the puppy class, but Malagold Brewmaster showed Salute that he is not the king of the hill yet - Brew took the Winners Dog ribbons and was very happy to do so!!

Brew and Demi - What a team!!

But - as we all know - the Girls at Malagold are really something, and Demi showed the boys how it is truly done!! Happy Hour Malagold Strip Tease earns Winners Bitch and then takes the Best of Breed honors as well.

And for Brew? Best of Opposite Sex!! He will have to take a back seat to Demi on this day!

Demi knows how to strut her stuff...

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